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Wound Check Ointment
RS 1228


Brand KBK Herbals
Item Form Ointment
Manufacture by Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients   Madyanti, Sh.Gandhaka, Shevanthi, Goghrita.  
Storage Store in a cool & dry place, protect from sunlight.
How to use Apply on the wounds twice in a day.
Uses Used for Diabetic wound accidental injuries, All types chronic wounds.


Category: Health and Supplements Care

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Wound Check  Ointment Fast and Effective Wound Care Ointment 24-Hours Infection Protection, Wound Care Treatment for Gangrene,Diabetic,Accidental & Non-Healing Wounds (10gms)

  • Regular use by Diabetic wounds surgical wounds,cuts, scraps, rash, skin erosion, abscesses and furuncles, snake bite wounds, all types of chronic wounds.
  • Effective remedy for wounds. provides immediate relief, prevent infections 7 quick healing develops flesh.
  • Simple application with no need of painful, expensive or time consuming visits to doctors.
  • Regular use by diabetics can reduce the occurrences of diabetic wounds.
  • Wound check help in removing the dead skin tissue and aid in wound healing.
  • Wound check work by repairing and replacing dead skin and other tissues, attracting cells that repair wounds, and promoting healing of the ulcer.

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