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Herbal X gold
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Brand     KBK Herbals
Item Form        Soft gel capsule
Product Name  Herbal X gold
Manufacture by  Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients  Loha bhasma, Swarna bhasma, Satavari, Bhrinngaraja,Shanka bhasma, Tila Tel.
Storage    Store in room temperature
How to use  1 capsule twice a day with warm milk



Category: Health and Supplements Care

Our Certification

Herbal X Gold Hardgel Capsules Enriched With Swarna Bhasma, Loha Bhasma for Extra Strength and Stamina(500mg)                                                             

Have you heard about the benefits of  erection capsules In ayurveda medicine (Herbal X Gold Softgel Capsules), using Kokilaksha, Kapikacchu, Shatavari, Vidarikand, Jeevanti, Shalparni, Macaroot, Gokshuru, Ginseng, Atibala, Salam Panja, Ashwagandha, capsules for erection are prepared. These herbs form a unique blend of sperm health, quality and also increase the sperm production.

If you are planning for parenthood, and want your spouse to get pregnant fast, it is ideal to choose these herbal x gold capsules for men as safely prescribed.

Many men fear about the side effects of using these capsules for erection and even prefer to go by natural methods. Based on the scientific facts as per research and proven, these herbs are very strong and absolutely good for men’s fertility improvement and highly recommended for sperm improvement.

Recommended one herbal x gold capsule after meals, there are many men who have experienced successful results in their fertility rate and have achieved success making their spouse pregnant. 

Consuming the herbal x gold capsules, brings the benefits of - a good increase in sperm count, quality and health, removes varicocele issues, improves vitality and sperm production function. 

You will notice a good increase in libido and vigor.

Taking good diet is also very important and including lots of veggies, nuts, cereals and pulses apart from greens adds to your quality of health.

At this point, it is recommended to go by the consultation of a doctor, and further the fertility tests that reveal fertility rate in the reports.

Based on the recommendations and requirements to get pregnancy, you may be advised to choose erection pills for men (Herbal x gold capsules) for certain specific time.

Further, upon the use of capsules for erection, you will be advised to go for fertility tests to ensure the improvement you have achieved in sperm health.

As this is a process and works over a period of time, you are required to ensure proper diet, quality life style, personal hygiene and exercise, apart from the regular use of erection capsules, that will work successfully for you and your spouse.

Keep your home atmosphere healthy and cheerful. Avoid too much of alcohol and caffeine. Avoid smoking. 

Factors that harm your sperm health must be carefully avoided and on the other side, Practice healthy habits to keep physically fit and well.

Remember you are not only responsible for your health, but also for the health of your spouse. Planning for pregnancy takes two of you to stay fit and active. 

Therefore, you need to take care of yourself by choosing your daily healthy diet apart from the intake of erection pills for men upon recommendation.

Ancient ayurveda emerging from India is nearly 3,000 years old and has proved to be having valuable health benefits when herbs are using as fertility pills. These are absolutely safe and provide benefits of improving fertility health. 

As the pills are certified and authenticated, and aimed at deriving the best results for men, they are definitely a source to rely upon to start your family. Particularly, when the evidence of reports is indicating, this is a trusted and certified ayurveda medicine.


Herbal X Gold Erection Capsule Uses:

Why use erection capsules and erection pumps for men? You feel it is not necessary for the first time when you come across it. But these have been designed for men who are having issues with erection. The purpose of penis capsules for men is to enable men to have good sperm health. 

Young men who are newly married and planning to have children sometimes are advised to use erection capsules based on the medical reports that indicate their sperm health. As per the medical diagnosis and advise, you may be advised to use Herbal x gold capsules.

The benefits from their use since have been proven, you will improve your fertility health and thus capable to make your spouse pregnant to bear a child. As you plan to start your family, penis capsules for men are only advised for use when you sperm health needs improvement.

Considering your health and the family plans you have with your spouse, ayurveda medicine erection capsules herbal x gold are recommended that is based on your medical reports.

The benefits of ayurveda medicine for improving male fertility are huge as proven under the experience of many men who were successful in giving birth newborn. 

Ancient Ayurveda medicine is nearly 3,000 years old and it began by Hindu Rishis and Munis (sage and holy men) who studied each herb and plant for its medicinal values. After years of preparation, they were successful in disclosing the Ayurveda herb-based medicines to the public. Known for quick and fast healing for minor and major ailments, Ayurveda medicine was also found for male fertility.


Capsule For Erection Herbal X Gold Benefits:

Erection pills for men                                                      

Erection capsules for men


Erection Capsule Herbal X Gold Ingredients:

  • Loha bhasma
  • Swarna bhasma
  • Satavari
  • Bhrinngaraja
  • Shanka bhasma
  • Tila Tel
Brand Name  Kbk Herbals 
Product Name  Herbal X gold
Manufactured by  Pranathi Herbals 
Country Of Region  India 
Unit Of Pack  1
Quantity  60 capsules 
From  Soft gel capsule
Prescription Reqired  No 
Is Returnable  No 
Uses  Health Care 
Age  All 
Shelf life   36 Months 
Ingrediants  Loha bhasma, Swarna bhasma, Satavari, Bhrinngaraja,Shanka bhasma, Tila Tel.
Store  Store in room temperature
How to use  1 capsule twice a day with warm milk



1.    What are the pills that make you hard-called?
Ayurvedic Herbal X Gold Capsules can help you achieve a firm erection on your penis. Oral medicines are used to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing the effects of nitric oxide, a natural chemical produced by your body that relaxes muscles in the penis.         

2.    Which pill is best for long-lasting in bed?
There are various medicines authorized by the Food and Drug Administration to treat erectile dysfunction. However, Herbal X Gold is the finest for long-lasting effects in bed. These drugs are used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and to help restore blood flow to the penis.

3.    How long can the average man stay erect?
A male erection may last anywhere between a few minutes to 30 minutes. Men typically experience five erections every night while sleeping, each lasting around 15 to 30 mins.

4.    How can I stop sperm from coming early?

Sperm coming early is called premature ejaculation. To control that 2 hours before having sex, do masturbation or take a deep breath to temporarily stop the ejaculatory reaction. Otherwise, use Ayurvedic Herbal X Gold to control premature ejaculation. 

5.    How long does it take for a man to be ready for Round 2?

On average, it takes a man 5 to 25 minutes after his first orgasm to regain an erection

7.    How many minutes does it take a man to release sperm?

Most men ejaculate shortly after beginning to thrust during intercourse. Men with delayed ejaculation may be unable to ejaculate or may only be able to ejaculate after a long period of intercourse.


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