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Shatavari Extract
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Brand  KBK Herbals
Item Form Softgel Capsules
Product Name Shatavari Extract
Manufacture by Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients  Shatavari, Seasamum indicum oil.
Storage Store in a cool & dry place, protect from sunlight.
How to use  1 or 2  capsule daily aftermeal 

Category: Health and Supplements Care

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Shatavari Extract Ayurvedic Capsules Capsules for Women Mood Stimulator,Milk producing:

Are you looking for immune booster for women? That is much essential now as in these due to lack of strong immunity system, it is easy to get affected with sickness. As a young woman, you need to be physically fit and healthy to give birth to children.

So, is there any Ayurveda herb that can help you to work as immune booster?

Yes, it is  Shatavari extract.


What is  Shatavari extract?

Coming from an Asparagus family, Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus.

Another name you can give is adaptogenic herb.

These herbs help your body to cope with physical and emotional stress.

Considered as a general health tonic, it improves vitality and making it as a stable Ayurvedic medicine.

Reproduction Estrogen  Properties for female health

With medicinal properties, it plays a key role in the production of female sexual hormone estrogen and boosts physical energy and libido.


The capsule also has

-    Kukutandatwak Bhasma has the properties of curing white discharge, back pain, itching and weakness. 
Daruharidra Ghana Ayurvedic herb corrects metabolism and improves sexual strength and performance.
-    Nagakesara Stamen is another Ayurvedic herb in treating bleeding disorders. It removes menstrual disorders and keep the body healthy. It also has         aphrodisiac properties. It helps in increasing libido and fertility in women.
-    Asoka Ghana helps in managing female reproductive problems and helps in improving health.

These are very safe and highly recommended for young women to get pregnant in their early years of marriage.

They help in healthy pregnancy and high in fertility.

Antioxidant preperties

Antioxidants help in the prevention of cell damage.  They help in the prevention and battling of a disease.

As a result of toxic damage to cells, organs can fail and it can be life threatening.

Shatavari is high in saponins that has high compounds with antioxidant abilities. 

-    Boost your immune system while some even consider it as a female sexual tablet. The Shatavari root extract increases antibodies.
-    Relieves cough.  Made from root juice, it works as a natural cough remedy. 
-    Treats diarrhea and provides relief from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
-    It also works as diuretic to get of rid of excess fluid which occurs in congestive heart failure.
-    Treats ulcers in stomach area, small intestine or esophagus. 
-    Helps in treating kidney stones
-    Helps in maintaining blood sugar
-    Works as an anti-aging agent
-    Treats depression

Mostly commonly grown in India, the shatavari plant has small and uniform green leaves. With tiny white flowers, blackish-purple berries and plenty of tuberous roots.

For many centuries this herb has been in use as a supportive system for reproductive system. 

The extract made carefully from the plant and mixed with other herbs including red raspberry extract and other herbs.

This extract can also be added to teas for an additional wellness.

Adding this extract to your daily wellness diet, it brings good results and especially if you planning for a new born as couple, choose to consult an Ayurvedic physician and consult Shatavari extract for dosage and use. 

Shatavari Extract Uses:

Working effectively as an excellent women mood booster, Shatavari extract uses have been proven. Available in a capsule form, the dosage is one capsule twice a day preferably with lukewarm milk or water. It is recommended to take the capsule with a cup of milk for best results. It is advised to continue taking the herb capsule for a period of 3-4 months to boost libido power and as you are able to achieve good results, you can stop the intake of the capsule. 

Actively chosen as women mood tablets, it works as an excellent supplement when planning for a baby.

Prepared with Shatavari extract along with Kukutandatwak Bhasma, Daruharidra Ghana , Nagakesara Stamen, and Asoka Ghana that have the properties of reproductive wellness properties, these are preferred and called as women mood sex power for women.  

As a young woman planning to have a healthy baby, you will be able to experience good health free from any ailments with this Ayurvedic preparation.       

This is also much recommended and required for you in the early years of marriage as you plan to start a family.


Shatavari extract Benefits:

Best mood tablets for women.
Women mood boost sex.
Women mood enhancer.



Shatavari, Sesamum indicum oil.

Brand Name  Kbk Herbals 
Product Name  Shatavari Extract
Manufactured by  Pranathi Herbals 
Country Of Region  India 
Unit Of Pack  1
Quantity  60 Softgel Capsulse 
From  Softgel Capsules
Prescription Reqired  No 
Is Returnable  No 
Uses  Health Care 
Age  All 
Pregnancy Care  Yes, Under Docter Supervision
Shelf life  36 Months 
Ingrediants  Shatavari, Seasamum indicum oil.
Store  Store in a cool & dry place, protect from sunlight. 
How to use  1 or 2 Capsule daily after meal or as directed by the physician. 


1.    What are good mood stabilizers?

Shatavari Extract is a good mood stabilizer for women. It contains ingredients like  Shatavari and Seasamum indicum oil. It also helps mothers with breastfeeding and acts as an immune booster in women.

2.    What causes mood disorder?

Due to workloads and sometimes, work stress levels, you may experience stress and anxiety. When you use Shatavari extract capsules, your mood disorders are reset. The capsule also has Kukutandatwak Bhasma, which has the properties of curing white discharge, back pain, itching, and weakness.

3.    Which ayurvedic products improve mood in women?

The Shatavari extract helps in improving moods among all age groups of women. It is made with ashwagandha, Shatavari, and sesamum Indicum oil. These ingredients naturally boost the mood of women.

4.    How can I lift my mood?

Aerobic exercise and weight training on a regular basis can enhance your stamina, body image, mood, and desire. Enjoy a good diet and, to improve your emotional health, watch a movie together or listen to some music. Alternatively, use Shatavari extract capsules

5.    What are the symptoms of mood disorder?
Mood disorders can be indicated as stress, anxiety, disturbing behavior, or sleepy mood. 

6.    How can I stabilize my mood naturally?

A cup of milk and fruit juice before going to bed or take a propagate fruit. Watching a romantic movie or talking dirty things to your partner can help you get into a natural mood. Otherwise, consume a Shatavari extract capsule to stabilize your mood.

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