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ortho bala capsules
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Brand KBK Herbals
Item Form  Soft gel
Product  Name  Ortho Bala Capsules
Manufacture by   Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients  Ankola, kantakasi, Palasa, Kasaundi, Godugdha, Tila Taila.
Storage  Store in a cool dry place below 25°c Do not expose to heat or sunlight.
How to use As directed by physician.

Category: Health and Supplements Care

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Ortho Bala Pain Relief Softgel Capsule For Arthritis, Joint, Muscle, Knee & Back Pain - Morning Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder & Stiff Neck:

Experiencing body pains is most commonly found in men and women. Especially after the age of 50 and that is when you will require external applications, capsules, exercise, massage and other kinds of treatments.  There are many new products entering the market and based on the ingredients used and the results it shows, you may want to try it.

Which one to try and will it work for me? What are the ingredients used in it and will these meet my body requirements? How long will it take to bring me relief? These are some of the basic and most important questions that you would mostly come across while reviewing pain relief tablets and capsules.


Internal Relief:
By using pain relief capsules, you would bring internal healing that brings complete relief. They work on a regular use eliminating complications that are pre-existing in joint pains.

It also brings relief from ache and swelling.

As pain actually gets released by the internal complications over a period of time and this may be depending on the age factors such as ruptured ligament or grinding of cartilage and other medical conditions. Sometimes arthritis, gout and infections can also cause knee pain.

While some prefer to choose physical therapy and knee braces to relieve pain, others would like to rely on pain relief capsules.


The significance of Ortho Tablets:

Developed by CCRAS (Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences) certified by Ministry of AYUSH ( Ayurveda Yoga and Naturopathy Unani Siddha and Homeopathy) Ortho  capsules are exclusive to work as muscle pain relief capsules.

This means they work as medication to heal arthritis, joint pains and backpain.


Features of muscle pain relief tablets:

It takes sometime for the ayurveda medicine to work. But to ensure the method in which pain relief capsules work, it is important to understand its features.

Effectively works for joint aches and muscle pains
Works very well to manage pain in
spondylitis and sciatica
Removes muscle cramps, arthritis and and others
Manages stiff joints and relieves pain
Deriving the benefits from these capsules is not only beneficial but these are long-standing for your use. These are highly recommended for seniors to regularly use and derive the benefits of comfortable sitting, walking and gently able to do their own activities. The capsules work without giving any side effects as these are completely ayurveda preparation.

As compared to any other ortho capsules, these muscle pain capsules are ideal for seniors, especially those who are already ailing from knee and joint pains. On a slow pace, these capsules work aiming to work internally fixing the problem and by building strength and energy to find relief from pain. Further the diet habits go normal for you as you do not have to avoid any food and enjoy your normal diet.

Proven for cure, you would definitely prefer to choose these capsules over any other muscle pain relief capsules, as these are prepared some of the most efficient and effective herbs that are popular in healing body aches.

Orthobala uses:

Body pains are the most common. But they keep coming back, even if you relax, take rest, exercise, early morning and evening walk and every other activity to keep away body aches. What would you do? You look for some permanent  and long-standing source of medication that completely removes these pains.

You have the best body pain relief capsules, that work effective on you. This is the most convenient and easily available joint pain relief capsules.

These exclusively in use neck pain relief capsules, bring you not only good relief, but these are absolutely safe and highly recommended. You would never miss the opportunity of buying these capsules for eliminating the knee and joint pain.

The discomfort that you experience is certainly persistent and you are always looking for better healthy options to get rid of these pains.

By choosing Orthobala, you would not only enjoy good health, but you would eliminate the increase of knee pain. Enjoying a good walk in the morning and evening.

This is the most reliable and usable capsules for finding relief from all kinds of body pains. Most important tip is that you can also check with an ayurvedic physician for his recommendation. But you are sure to derive good results. You feel much relieved and experience in a good change in your daily activities while walking.

A comparative view of the herbs used in the make of  Orthobala pain relief capsules made with ayurveda herbs - kunduru, guggul shuddh, Rasna, Methi, Sunth, Ashwagandha, Vishamushti, & Shilajit Shudh are pure and work excellent on joint pain, neck pain and all other body pains.


Ortho Bala benefits:

Leg pain relief tablets                                                               


Nerve pain relief tablets



Ankola, kantakasi, Palasa, Kasaundi, Godugdha, Tila Taila.

Brand Name  Kbk Herbals 
Product Name  Ortho Bala Capsules
Manufactured by  Pranathi Herbals 
Country Of Region  India 
Unit Of Pack 
Quantity   60 softgel capsules 
From  Soft gel 
Prescription Reqired  No 
Is Returnable  No 
Uses  Health Care 
Age  All 
Shelf life   36 Months 
Ingrediants  Ankola, kantakasi, Palasa, Kasaundi, Godugdha, Tila Taila.
Store  Store in a cool dry place below 25°c Do not expose to heat or sunlight
How to use  As directed by physician.


1. What is the use of Ayurvedic tablets?

Ayurvedic medicine has a long history of providing illness management assistance. Foods, everyday activities, stress, and the environment may all have an impact on how the body operates. Ayurvedic therapy seeks to restore this altered functioning through dietary changes and herbal treatments. 

It offers quick and fast relief from leg pain and nerve pain. These are Orthaheel Pain relief tablets. 

2. Which ayurvedic medicine is best for overall health?

The greatest medicine is created from ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that means "providing strength." It is believed to boost energy, stamina, and endurance. Ashwagandha powder can be used as a powder. 

3. Which ayurvedic medicine is best for body pain?

Ortho Bala Ayurvedic Capsules are the best capsules for body pains like arthritis, joint, muscle, knee & back pain, morning stiffness, and frozen shoulder because these capsules contain ankola, kantakasi, palasa, kasaundi, godugdha, and tila taila.

4. Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for muscle strength?

Perfectly Ortho Bala ayurvedic capsules are the best capsules for muscle strength. It gives you quick relief and a permanent solution to all types of body pains.

5. What can I take for muscle weakness?

Ortho Bala Capsules are excellent for muscle weakness. Those capsules also work as nerve pain relief and leg pain relief tablets. That is effective for you. It is the most convenient and widely accessible pain relief tablet for muscular weakness.

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