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Burn heal
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Brand           KBK Herbals
Item Form       Ointment
Product Name    Burn heal
Manufacture by Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients    Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, shevanthi, Goghrita. 

Store in a cool dry place below 25°c Do not expose to heat or sun light

How to use         Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.
Warning      Please consult with your physician prior to the use of this product



Category: Health and Supplements Care

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Burn Heal Ointment Multi Purpose Burns Healing Ointment:                                                       

Burns need a lot of care and these have to be attended immediately. As your skin is very sensitive, even a minor burn might a leave a scar or a wound.

These are certainly important to be given the best care, treatment and lookafter until they are completely healed. 

Even if it is a minor burn like oil spill, or a heat wave coming in contact with your skin, you experience an immediate pain. 

Sometimes an injury, blister or a bubble might form and they take time to heal. The wound or scar persists until a new layer of skin grows from the edges of the burn.

Sometimes burns go very deep and these can be a great cause for concern. The new skin does not grow quickly to keep the bacteria away from infections.

Most often burns are treated with skin grafts.

In the process of burn care, you will have to use some of the best burn healing cream, burn scar removal cream and burn heal ointment.

Burns takes time to heal and depending on the skin texture, and the degree and level of the burn which can either be minor or major, you have to care for it regularly.

Apply external applications and sometimes you may need antibiotic medicines to avoid the further rise of infections as burns are exposed to atmosphere inviting dust and pollution.

Pain is very excruciating sometimes and you need a lot of rest and good sleep to bear the pain. It takes a lot of patience to withstand the burn.

There are multiple care treatments that are need to treat various burns. After the new skin grows, sometimes it leaves a scar on skin. 

To find cure from scar, you need burn scar removal cream and these are available in a wide range and variety. Recommended by skin specialists, you can apply these to find relief over a period of time.

Burn heal ointment is one of the most important and the application of ointment on a daily basis is very important.  

That way, ointment works on the skin where there is a burn and the medication in the ointment works on the skin towards healing process.

Best Burn heal ointment:

As you look fast and quick relief from all kinds of burns, burn heal ointment is a popular herbal burn ointment that prevents infections.

It treats both burns and wounds.

It also treats minor cuts, wounds, bruises, burns and scrapes.

Prepared with a combination of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Silver Nitrate, burnheal cream is the best antiseptic cream.

Having rich Ayurvedic herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties to heal wounds, you can surely rely on the healing properties of burn healing cream.

Preventing further infections, you will be absolutely safe to find cure from burns with burn heal ointment.

Burn Scar Removal:

That burn scar is gone with burnheal scar removal cream.  It is a regular application that you need to apply it gently on the burn wound area and allow it work and cure the scars.

Scars disappear and you see brand new soft and smooth skin.

Burn heal uses:

By applying burn heal tube ointment, on a daily basis, you will be able heal your skin affected with burns. The most powerfully designed Ayurvedic preparation of herbs in healing burns, works very effectively providing you absolute relief and cure. 

It is very important to apply the wax burn scar removal cream regularly to cure the scars as mostly these are visible after new skin grows.

There’s also a very special burn scar removal cream for the face and this creams works very effectively on your burns. It removes scars permanently and gives you a smooth and soft new skin.

Face being the most important of you, you need a lot of care and lookafter on a daily basis. 

True that the process might take little longer as compared to other healing methods, but skin being very sensitive and delicate area of your body, the healing comes as a process.

Certainly, you have to give some time to work on its own with the help of wax burn scar removal cream. 

Dermatologists suggest and recommend various types of methods of treatment based on the level of wound caused to you.

However, Ayurvedic herbs have excellent properties for burn healing process and these have been proven.

Especially in Burn heal you will come across the powerful Ayurvedic herbs - Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, shevanthi, Goghrita. They have excellent properties to heal burns and the preparations of ointment work indicating good performance in healing the skin. 

Burn heal benefits:

Burn heals for first aid.
Face burn scars removal cream for men.                                           
Burn scar removal cream for the body.


Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, shevanthi, Goghrita. 

Brand Name  Kbk Herbals 
Product Name  Burn Heal ointment 
Manufactured by  Pranathi Herbals 
Country Of Region  India 
Unit Of Pack  1
Quantity  300 gms 
From  Ointment l
Prescription Reqired  No 
Is Returnable  No 
Uses  Health Care 
Age  All 
Warning  Please consult with your physician prior to the use of this product  
Shelf life  36 Months 
Ingrediants  Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, shevanthi, Goghrita. 
Store  Store in cool & dry place below 25°C do not expose the heat or sun light 
How to use  Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your docter   

1.    How are burns healed?
Apply burn heal for first aid and it works effectively to heal the pain and also to calmly soothe the affected skin area.

2.    How long do burns take to heal?
Depending the level and cause of burn, from minor to major, the timescale can be faster with the application of burn heal. There’s also burn scar removal cream for the body.

3.    What is the Ayurvedic treatment for burns?

Burn Heal is an Ayurvedic preparation and it is made with Ayurvedic herbs - Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, Shevanthi, and Goghrita. They work excellently to cure and heal the pain as well as the scars. 

4.    What is the burn healing process?
On a regular basis, when  face burn scars removal cream for men is applied,  the ingredients in the Ayurvedic herb ointment that originally has the properties to heal the burn begin their work. It works fast when applied on a regular basis and it even grows new skin faster.

5.    Which cream is best for burning skin?
Burn to heal is an Ayurvedic preparation made with Madayanti, Sh gandhaka, shevanthi, and Goghrita, and these herbs are exclusively aimed at burn healing and removing burn scars. 

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