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Herbal X gold 1000 MG
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Brand     KBK Herbals
Item Form                        Soft gel capsule
Product Name    Herbal X gold
Manufacture by  Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients  Loha bhasma, Swarna bhasma, Satavari, Bhrinngaraja,Shanka bhasma, Tila Tel.
Storage    Store in room temperature
How to use  1 capsule twice a day with warm milk


Category: Personal Care

Our Certification

 Herbal X Gold Hard gel Capsules Enriched With Swarna Bhasma, Loha Bhasma for Extra Strength and Stamina(500mg)

  • Helps In Getting Better Erections
  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • Works For Both Men & Women
  • Helps in achieving Multiple orgasms
  • Improves the semen quality
  • Controls Erectile Dysfunction
  • Controls Premature Ejaculation
  • Helps You last longer in Bed during Sex
  • Improves the general well being & Vitality

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