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Dasanga Tailam Women
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Brand    KBK Herbals
Item Form     Liquid
Product Name  Dasanga Tailam Women
Manufacture by  Pranathi Herbals
Ingredients  Each 50 ml oil is prepared out of Tila Sesamum Indicum oil, Tinospora cordifolia etc.

Store in a cool dry place below 25C Do not expose to heat or sun light

How to use        

Massaging Breast with Enlarge helps stretching tissues and multiplying it for fast growth.





Category: Personal Care

Our Certification

Dasanga Tailam Breast Oil for Women Natural, Safe and effective with no side effects:


Many women ignore breast care, even though breasts require the most attention and care. Breast care is equally as important as skin care, hair care, and even nail care. What matters, actually, is how you treat them. But, how do essential oils fit into all of this? So let's have a look at it. Here is an essential oil called dasanga tailam that you may use every day at home to keep your breasts healthy and firm.

Can you enlarge your breasts? Yes, it is the answer. Every woman wants to have perfectly beautiful breasts that she can show off since most women wish for the ideal figure.

In terms of healthcare, breast augmentation is a procedure done to enlarge your breasts. During this procedure, a surgeon inserts silicone and saline under the breast tissue to give it a puffed-up appearance. Furthermore, a surgery like this may come with significant risks. A person would live an average of 12 years. This is the one that you wouldn't want to finish. 

There are several natural methods to expand the breasts, including massage, workouts, diets, and enlargement pumps. One of the best ways to increase breast size is massage oil. Here is ayurvedic dasanga tailam women's breast oil helps to increase the breast size of women. Uses of dasanga tailam women the ideal fusion of cutting-edge scientific research with the glorious Ayurvedic tradition of India and Breast Firming & Tightening. 


Breast facts :

Breasts have a role and can do far more than you would think. Here are some fascinating facts about breasts and their role in a woman's life.

  • Did you aware that your left breast is bigger than your right? No two breasts appear to be alike.
  • When you work out, your breasts move in the number 8.
  • Breast size fluctuates about six times over a woman's lifetime. This is because of the type of bra used.
  • Breast maturation occurs only after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Breasts continue to expand normally until four years following a woman's first menstruation.
  • Breast cancer was discovered by the Ancient Egyptians and written on papyrus 3500 years ago. The hieroglyphs showed breast tumors that could not be cured.
  • Breast cancer may strike men as well. Peter Criss was, indeed, the first man to survive breast cancer.


Can you increase breast size with dasanga tailam?

Yes, you can enhance your breast size by using dasanga tailam women's oil. Dasanga tailam breast enlargement oil makes your breasts larger, tighter, and firmer. It is completely safe and not having any side effects.

Breast enlargement dasanga tailam oil might assist you to get larger breasts. You shouldn't be concerned because dasanga tailam is created from natural substances and do not have any side effects. 

Dasanga tailam women's breast oil usage: 

If a person would like to use dasanga tailam oil, there are a few things they must consider. 

In the beginning, if a person has never applied oils to their skin, it is preferable to start with a single carrier oil, such as dasanga tailam. This enables people to assess whether or not certain substances work for them and whether or not they enjoy using them. 

Following the selection of an oil:

Check the oil on a small spot of skin. If any discomfort occurs, stop usage.

If there is no reaction after 24-48 hours, pour a tiny quantity of oil into your palms and rub them together to warm them up.

Massage the oil into the breasts in any way that feels comfortable.

It is fine to apply oil on the nipples as long as the individual is not breastfeeding.  


Benefits of dasanga tailam women:

The ideal combination of current scientific findings and the illustrious Indian heritage of Ayurveda.

Tightening and firming of the breasts.

It contains extracts from a variety of unique plants.

created especially for breast massage.

Dasanga Tailam Breast Oil is 100% safe and has no known negative effects.

The oil comprises only a pure natural infusion of rare and selected herbs.

It was made without the use of any chemicals.

Oil for Breast Massage

100% herbal and ayurvedic (No Side Effects).

Apply 3-5 mL of oil to the breast and gently massage from bottom to top until the oil is entirely absorbed.


INGREDIENTS: Every 50 ml of oil is prepared from Tila Sesamum Indicum oil, Tinospora cordifolia oil, etc.

Brand Name  Kbk Herbals 
Product Name  Dasanga Tailam Women
Manufactured by  Pranathi Herbals 
Country Of Region  India 
Unit Of Pack  1
Quantity  50 ml
From  Liquid
Prescription Reqired  No 
Is Returnable  No 
Uses  Health Care 
Age  All 
Pregnancy Care  Yes, Under Docter Supervision
Shelf life  36 Months 
Ingrediants  Each 50 ml oil is prepared out of Tila Sesamum Indicum oil, Tinospora cordifolia etc.
Store  Store cool and dry place below 25°C Do not ecpose to heat or sun light 
How to use  Massaging Breast with Enlarge helps stretching tissues and multiplying it for fast growth


1. Which breast massage oil is best for increasing size?

Breast massage can boost blood circulation in this fat-storing region. Massage also causes the release of prolactin, a hormone that expands the breasts. Dasanga Tailam women's oil is one of the most effective oils for boosting breast size and has no adverse effects. 

2. What are the breast enlargement side effects?

Breast augmentation carries several complications, including:

Scar tissue that influences the shape of the breast implant (capsular contracture) infection.

Nipple and breast feeling changes.

Changes in implant position

Implant rupture or leakage

3. Which oil is best for breast enlargement?

Dasanga tailam women's oil is best for breast enlargement. It is created using a proprietary mixture that produces a successful and safe outcome. Natural plant extracts are used to make this breast enlargement oil. 

4 . What is the name of breast growth oil in India?

Dasanga Tailam is the name of the breast oil in India. Furthermore, this oil is very effective, and you may see obvious effects after only 30 days of use. This oil hydrates breast tissue, facilitating development and augmentation. 

5. Which is the natural breast oil?

Dasanga Tailam Women is a natural breast oil. It is made with whatever natural ingredients are available in nature. Those ingredients are Tila Sesamum Indicum oil, Tinospora cordifolia, etc. These ingredients help with women's breast health.


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